Pimpy Shortstocking

Your adorable local lala for hire! Need help with content? Gathering? Crafting? RP services? I'm your lala! Prices negotiable.

Dungeons / Raids

Wanting to grind out glams? I can offer a bulk discount for multiple runs.

Duty Roulette

Need a fast queue to get you in and out of your daily roulettes? I can play healer, tank, or DPS!


I can help grind Fate reputation, relic progression, or just help with your leveling. Any job role available!


Want someone to talk to or just some advice? Let's chat!


I can gather most anything, large or small orders accepted.


I can craft everything except the newest 6.1 stuff

Gpose Screen Shots

Visit a professional photographer to get that perfect screenshot by clicking on the link below!

... And more!

Have an idea? Hit me up and we can talk!